The Open Pathway to Peace is here to serve the needs of all people, of all races, backgrounds, beliefs, and for all levels of need.

The focus is on providing teaching, care, nurturing, the clearing of emotions and balancing of body, mind and spirit for all who desire peace, harmony, health and progress.

We seek to find a common spiritual ground with each individual, that human place where we all come together, despite our upbringing, our education, our gender, race or age, or our religion. In supporting people to bring to the light and realise their own spiritual path, we do not try to change people, we strive to empower them to change and liberate themselves. They don’t have to give up their everyday lives to grow, and in fact they can enjoy those lives even more.

Our focus is on providing teaching, care, nurturing, the clearing of emotions and balancing of body, mind and spirit for all who desire peace, harmony, health, personal mastery and profound progress.

Open Pathway is led by Christy and Daniel Francis Casley, together with Fiananda MacColl, working together with unconditional love at all times to offer spiritual guidance, personal development and healing to those who are suffering in life on any level. They see each person as unique with individual needs and support them to uncover their personal journey for becoming who they really are.

Open Pathway hosts the Kriya Meditation Centre UK which offers beginning and advanced training in Kriya Meditation ~ see more about the Centre in our Meditation section. Kriya Yoga Meditation is an ancient practice created to support the development of the whole being: body, mind, & spirit.

Open Pathway are Founder Members of UK Healers. Members IYN, BWY, CIMSPA, CHO, CNHC.


How Open Pathway benefits those who come:  In these difficult and stressful times, people everywhere are searching for ways to discover and be their real self, to find and develop a deep sense of inner peace, and to uncover and bring into being their true purpose, their own path and real fulfilment in life.

We offer a long -term relationship that will help you to begin and continue your own journey into becoming who you are in every minute of your life.

We are open for people in need of peace, progress, nurturing and healing at any time. We gather every morning and evening for Meditation and silent prayer, with Distant Healing for those in need at 9pm.

Natural Energy Therapy, Progressive Counselling/Coaching and Yoga Therapy are readily available. We look to helping others find and be themselves; find peace, love and joy in everyday life.

We offer Spiritual Counselling & Coaching for individuals, couples, families and small business’ who need a space for review, personal development and advanced spiritual insight. This is a powerful therapy which helps a person to see and understand their situation more profoundly and choose which way to go in life.

We offer Natural Energy Therapy for individuals who need inner healing and balance in their mind, body and spirit. This means that while the innermost layers of a person are balanced and energised, a sense of being more at peace with oneself and the world is achieved.

We offer Yoga and Yoga Therapy for individuals and groups ~ this beautiful form of exercise nurtures the whole being whilst keeping us fit. Yoga encourages and works in harmony with each person’s natural energies, a greater degree of peace can be obtained on all levels ~ spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

We offer Bones for Life, a Movement Intelligence  & somatic exercise programme developed to improve bone density and help to prevent osteoparosis ~ it also helps to improve posture whilst sitting, standing, walking and lying down, and improve and align the spine and indeed the whole skeleton. It brings peace, well-being, harmony with breathing and enlivens the whole being.

We have a range of tools and trainings that will help you to develop yourself, your intuition, creativity and personal skills for living a rich, peaceful, joyful and powerful life.

Our most powerful training, Learning Kriya Meditation,  is the cornerstone of delivering Open Pathway’s purpose.  Hosted by the Kriya Meditation Centre UK, it is taught by experienced teachers to individuals and small groups, to those who seek inner peace, fulfilment and intuitive wisdom in today’s busy world.

Out Training Programme also includes professional, accredited training Courses to Diploma standard in Natural Energy Therapy, Spiritual Counselling & Coaching and Yoga.

Other Courses on offer include Peace Meditation, a beginning introduction to meditation  taught one to one or in a group; Animal Energy Therapy; Yoga – taught one to one or in classes; short Courses including Being Still & Mindful for Children, Stress Management, Parenting the Elderly, Parenting with Mindfulness and Life, Death & Loss and many more.

Our Courses share spiritual truths, not dogma, that resonate in all faiths. For the full schedule, please see our Course Programme.

A full programme of Retreats is on offer, including Personal Development Retreats, technology-free Retreats and also Silent Retreats at Easter and Christmas. A New Year Gathering is on offer each year for those wishing to greet the New Year in a peaceful and spiritual way.

Kriya Yoga Practioners come together each September for a week of celebration, sharing and updating their practice.

The Open Pathway home base

Open Pathway is housed in a 17th century house with its surrounding buildings. The spacious grounds feature wonderful gardens and walks for quiet reflection and relaxation and an indoor heated swimming pool.

Situated in the village of Queen Camel, we are in a tranquil position, while also being within easy walking distance of the village shop. The surrounding area offers varied scenic walks, and is about an hour from the coast.

The village is situated one mile south of the A303 and is easily reached from London and all parts of the country.

There are trains from London – Waterloo to Sherborne and from London – Paddington and Bristol to Castle Cary – taxi numbers can be provided on request. Plentiful car parking is available in the grounds.

As a UK Registered charity, donations make an enormous difference to our voluntary work and would be gratefully received. There are many ways to help:  putting money in a Tithe Box or contributing to the Sustainers Fund or the General Donation Fund; Payroll Giving and Legacies are gratefully accepted – please contact the Centre for further details.

Your total donation will go directly to help those in need receive Healing, Counselling, Meditation and any other form of therapy that they need at the Centre or to a bursary fund to help people take our self-help courses.

All are warmly welcomed ~ to take Courses; receive Natural Energy Therapy, Spiritual Counselling or Coaching; pray and meditate; spend a retreat at Open Pathway; stay for bed and breakfast.

We warmly welcome volunteers and they are needed all the year round to live and work in exchange for bed/board, alongside the spiritual community who run Open Pathway.

We are a UK Registered Charity No. 800412.

Ring us, or come and visit us to find out more about what we have to offer.

How can we help: All are warmly welcomed – to take Courses; receive Natural Energy Therapy, Progressive Counselling/Coaching, Spiritual Guidance; pray and meditate; spend a retreat at the Centre; stay for bed and breakfast; or volunteer.

Volunteers are needed all the year round to live and work, in exchange for bed/board, alongside the spiritual family who run the Centre.

Ring us, or come and visit us to find out more about what we have to offer.