Listenening & Communication Skills

This is a very unique in-depth training for those intending to train as Intuitive Guidance Coaches, as CPD to enhance other professional training or as self development.

The following will be covered:

Knowing yourself more deeply and facing/dealing with/mastering your ego.

Understanding your reactions and mastering your responses.

Listening more deeply to energetic and heart communications, rather than the spoken word or the expression.

Choosing what you wish to convey to others.

Being what is needed in any situation without energetic drain.


Prospective students are welcome to arrange a time to discuss their needs and requirements with a Tutor and Tutors are available after the Course by phone or SKYPE/Zoom for tutorials. As self development, the training is useful within relationships, home life, leisure and work ~ it helps you to make the most of communications of all kinds and to portray yourself as your role in life requires.