Volunteers are much needed  to help provide the nurturing care that is so important to students and guests coming to the Centre. Volunteers may come for an hour, a day, a week or up to several months. They work alongside the spiritual family who run the Centre in exchange for bed/board.

Some call this joyful giving, Seva or Karma Yoga ~ in other words serving for the joy and the progress which comes with many blessings. Working, Meditating, sharing meals and companionship, laughter and love, it is a way of showing gratitude for all we have been given in our lives. Knowing that many people will benefit brings a warm glow to the heart.

If you have any skills, they would be put to good use! We can always use people who are willing to help in the garden, the office or the kitchen. You could also learn some new skills, have fun and meet like minded souls at the same time.

As well as helping at the Centre, we also have need for ‘outworkers’. Sewing repairs, selling items for us on E-bay, making items for us to sell or to use in the Centre and lots more!

Can you give some time to help us? We would so appreciate it.

You can also check out  our page on Sparks Somerset – Home | Spark a Change